Veterinary Centre of Help.


Veterinary Behaviour

Our pets can become sad just like us and sometimes this can lead to unexpected behaviour.

At Sydney South Compounding we are always looking to Make It Better - that is why we are always considering new treatment plans and options in conjunction with your vet such as medication that will calm even the most anxious dog.

We can help suggest treatment regimes for anxiety, phobias, stressful events and separation problems.


Compliance Compounding

If the pets you are treating are taking more than one medication for their health we can improve administration of medication leading to better health outcomes. In the case of multiple medications we can formulate liquids or capsules that can be combined into the one dose with addition of a flavour if needed. We can do the research and find a simple solution Making it Better for you and your pet.


Transdermal Compounding

Cats don’t like oral medication. So we have developed a unique transdermal cream. This medication can then be rubbed into the cat’s inner ear and an accurate dose given each time.

Our  simple easy to use dispenser improves compliance - no measuring is required. We use a specially formulated cream which enhances the absorption properties of the medication and creates minimal irritation to the skin Making it Better for you and your cat.