Sleep Centre of Help.

We all understand the benefits of a good night’s sleep. It is critical for our daily performance, energy levels, mood, behaviour and well-being. This is especially important for those with acute and chronic health problems.


The Effects of Poor Sleep

From babies through to adults a poor night sleep is very unsettling. If this is happening regularly it can become a health issue and must be addressed.

The reasons for poor sleep patterns can vary from stress, diet, hormone related (menopause or andropause), high functioning brain activity, over stimulation, poor sleep hygiene amongst other issues and conditions.


How We Help

Sydney South Compounding can discuss with you strategies for good sleep hygiene and also advise on appropriate medication choices if needed. We are here to help Make it Better for you and your family.

In Australia our sleep hormone, Melatonin, can be prescribed by your doctor to aid in the correction of your sleep cycle. This hormone can be compounded by us at Sydney South Compounding to a tailor made dose that is appropriate for you or other family members. We can provide this medication in various dose forms including a liquid, capsule, lozenge or even sublingual drops. We can work closely with your doctor to ensure that we have a perfect regime to Make your sleep better.