Paediatric Health.

At Sydney South Compounding we are passionate about keeping kids healthy! We are here to help you understand how to care for them in the most effective way and to keep them robust and healthy.


We customise medications that have been prescribed to enable you to dose simply and correctly. We make sure that we work in partnership with your doctor to ensure your child’s prescription is the most effective treatment so that we can Make them better

Medication is only part of the treatment, understanding the problems, having support, being able to ask questions  having a professional to turn to is also what we do best. We are here to help Make it Better so you can always ask us!

We make a unique “Liquid Gold” Omeprazole Suspension for reflux and can even change flavours to make a hard to swallow tablet into a palatable liquid. Our unique sleep formula, with the right ADVICE and CARE, helps us Make It Better…


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