Poloxamer Ear Gels.

Acute Otitis Media is very common in dogs resulting in infection, pain, hearing problems or even hearing loss. Ear drops can be ineffective at times due to the unique shape of your dog’s ear canal. We have fine tuned a revolutionary product, Poloxamer ear gel, which is a base that adheres to the ear canal ensuring an increased exposure to the medication where it is most needed. Your vet determines the medication (via a simple swab) which we then incorporate into the base.

Our vets have chosen this as their preferred treatment option as often one application (administered by the vet) cures the condition. This is especially effective when there is poor patient compliance, head shy dogs or extremely bad cases. So say goodbye to standard Ear Drops and try our Poloxamer Ear Gels.


No Nasties

It’s Non toxic, water soluble and contains no oils or lanolin (causes no harm to tympanic membrane)


It Stays in the Ear

The gel is applied as a liquid with a syringe which will fill the ear canal and form a gel in 60 seconds – so it won’t come back out!


Used Weekly

It’s used ONCE WEEKLY and administered by the Vet ( the gel then remains in place for 5-7 days) compared to proprietary products which are used TWICE DAILY for 7-14 days



We can customise an ingredient into the gel as directed by the vet or we have a standard EKCT formula, which contains 2 antibiotics, an Antifungal and an Anti-Inflammatory agents.


Flexible Applicator

Our flexible applicator, attached to the tip of a syringe allows the dose to reach the precise site of infection.