Vet Health.

We love animals and we love Making Them Better.

We work directly with vets to customise and develop perfect solutions for small animals. We innovate dosage forms for the hard to treat animal including but not limited to transdermals creams, capsules, liquids, suspensions and poloxamer gels. We also compound effective products otherwise commercially unavailable such as our unique once a week Ear Gel Treatment for Otitis Media in dogs.


Together with your vet we understand how difficult it is to medicate your pet but we have mastered these compliance issues by combining multiple drugs into one easy dose. We also are able to use various dosage forms for difficult to treat pets For example transdermal creams which can be applied to your cat’s ear rather than having to give a capsule or liquid.

We specialise in the compounding of medication for animal behaviour such as separation disorders, anxiety and phobias.