Can any pharmacist make “compounded products”?

Some compounded products are made quite commonly in pharmacies however there are more complicated formulae which require high tech equipment. Also, for best practice compounding, you are probably best to look for the PCCA logo to ensure your pharmacist has done the appropriate additional training.

Can I get my compounded product straight away?

In most cases there will only be a short turn around time of an hour or so. In situations where the formulation is more complex, it may take longer. We can let you know at the time.

My child hates the taste of his /her medicine, can you make a special flavour?

Of course, this is one of the great advantages of compounding products. We have heaps of flavours to choose from!

My vet said I need to get a specially made treatment for my cat, can you make that?

Absolutely, we not only make specific treatments but we are able to provide special dosage devices to make application or delivery easier.

Is a compounded product expensive?

Initially products may sound a little more expensive but remember, we are making them from scratch. These preparations often use ingredients and techniques not commonly used in a regular Pharmacy environment. Please note most products will NOT be covered by medicare however in some cases there may be a rebate from a private health fund.

Can I buy regular medications (e.g. pain tablets) at Sydney South Compounding Chemist?

Yes, Sydney South Compounding is located within the premises of Family Care Pharmacy which supplies all your mainstream medications as well as the Tony Ferguson weight loss program, baby care products, comprehensive Vitamin ranges and an extensive gift range, plus much more.